Why Blog?

Why Blog? I don’t know why blog.  My reason… it feels like a call.  I need a place to hash out and record all the insane brilliance that swims in my head. My journal and Facebook just don’t seem to be the place for that anymore.

I changed jobs a couple of years ago with the plan of spending more time with God, exploring writing, and doing life with my kids for the few years until they leave to live their own lives.  Somehow, those plans didn’t go as planned.  It turns out doing laundry, and cleaning, and mommying takes a lot of time (which I used to pay people to do) and I’m not that good at it.  The TV/iPad can drag you into nothingness that feels like you’re doing something in a hurry, then you look around and disappointment sets in.  After realizing I am not made to be a stay-at-home PTA mom (Oh the years of guilt and shame that preceded this revelation and acceptance is another post entirely), I handed over my plans to God at a deeper level.  He is amazing and opened doors so we are now pastoring a tiny church 15 miles from our home.  So, that is the setting for this blog. I hope that it will be the place I can share the revelations Holy Spirit reveals to me and that you (whoever you maybe) can share back and God can speak to deeper things through this communication.

Each week I listen to a podcast, Alan and AJ.  This week’s podcast is titled Small Beginnings.  At the end, my heart was stirring to ask God the question what “would I do if I couldn’t fail”.  What I heard,”Start a Blog.” so… this is the start, and maybe a small beginning.