The Answer to Helplessness 

I talked to a marriage falling apart. A marriage I know God put together, a marriage I know is redeemable, a marriage I will battle for as though it were my own, because of my love for this family.  As I listened, I felt my spirit rise up and want to yell, “You can’t quit. Fight! Fight!” But how do you explain 20 years of life and experience and marriage in an hour to someone who hasn’t lived much longer than that?  How do you give hope to one who doesn’t yet know to trust God? 

After some time, tucking in kids, a quick bath, I settle down, and then the rumble started.  It’s been so long since I have felt it. I was sitting putting words to my broken heart and my helplessness to ‘fix’ the situation. Reading a few pages of Prince Warriors to my son reminded me of my position in the Kingdom, and who the real enemy is. THANK YOU JESUS! So I take my fighting stance on my knees in my living room, face down, faith up. 

In this position, I take authority. My Father in heaven, you are Holy, all powerful and all mighty, and you have this under control.  I give up my right to fret, worry, and manipulate in exchange for your wisdom and Holy Spirit’s lead in my thought, words,silence, and actions.  In your Kingdom, Lord, marriage is a reflection of your love for your bride, the church. I call on you to make this marriage like that.  Make this a relationship of deep love, sacrifice, and joy.  May you use every difficulty to make these people more of who you created them to be.  Knock down pride, dissolve isolation and self preservation! Give them vision of who you say they are in Christ Jesus. May it be on earth as it is in heaven.

Provide what they need today, and every day, not just monetarily and physically, but emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.  Provide relationships of support and wisdom.  Break off all relationships that stand in opposition to this marriage. 

Forgive them for sinning against each other.  Show each member of this union what is theirs to own in their troubles.  Show them where their mindsets do not align with yours. Guide them to repentance that aims their hearts and minds to your Truth so healing may come. Grant them the grace to forgive each other so bitterness cannot take root and so they can receive your forgiveness.

Lead them from temptation. May they recognize it, resist it so that it flees. Deliver them from evil.


Lord,  I break off the generational curses of abuse, false identity, unworthiness, adultary, and abandonment, in Jesus name.  Your word says by your blood every curse is broken and every wound is healed.  I claim your unfailing faithfulness to your word!  You promise beauty for ashes, strength for fear, gladness for morning, peace for disparity.  I claim this exchange.  What God has brought together let no man, nor angel, nor demon come against. I call down curses against those who would come against this marriage.  May you put a great fear on the heart of any that may come against this marriage, in Jesus name! In Jesus name!

All blessing and honor to you, oh mighty God! I love you. Great is your love and your faithfulness endures forever.  You are to be praised for all that you are doing, have done, and are going to do! You set my heart on fire and my feet to dancing. I praise you and thank you for the work you are already doing, that your answers are already on the way,as you answered Daniel on the day he asked, your answers are already on the way, and I praise your for them.  I praise you for deliverance, freedom, and new normal that is is coming! Hurray!