The Journey Begins 

Today, I am abandoning my family, and flying across the world for my own selfish endeavors. I’m not on mission, I’m not working, I’m really not even vacationing. That’s how it felt as a lay in bed before light wrapped in my husband’s arms preparing to exit the familiar sheets, and walls, and routines. 

What kind of wife leaves for two weeks, in the middle of soccer season and homework and 10 hour work days. What kind of mother leaves without having to?  This kind. The kind that knows there is something more outside of my nice American life. The kind that knows God is worthy of a couple of weeks away listening to him. The kind that no longer wants to make decisions based on fear or people pleasing, or even what is convenient. So, today begins my Camino journey. Today I become a pilgrim. 

I have packed 2 outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, moisturizer, medicine, some essentials, and my toothbrush in my backpack and hopped on a plane with two of the most adventurous women I know: My parachuting, snow skiing, piloting mother (who dreamed up this whole trip in the first place) and is traveling with her knitting & my world traveling, mother of six, college roommate.  Over the next 13 days we will hike 120 miles over the Way of St. James, to arrive in Santiago, Spain. God willing, I will blog my journey.


5 thoughts on “The Journey Begins ”

  1. It is Monday, Labor Day. Just talked to Angie and she told me about the writings you are sending from your journal. Grandpa and I just read through them and are delighted to know that all is going well as you walk the El Comino. As you know, you are in our hearts and prayers each day. And, we are delighted that you are enjoying this adventure. We are doing well. Willard is taking good care of us; stopping by and bringing more food than we can eat. He’s doing a good job watching out for the old folks. We miss you but are so happy for you.

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